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While discussing plans for the trip, Lecia jokingly said “we should eat a slice of pie in every town, haha!”

Meagan thought she was serious.

A few weeks later Meagan mentioned ‘the best pie tasting tour’ and Lecia said “that’s a great idea!”

It’s not like this isn’t right up their alley, Lecia and Meagan, as amateur foodies, had embarked on a similar adventure in Los Angeles years ago, with great success (the best bacon in Los Angeles can be found at The Griddle Cafe on Sunset Boulevard).

Meagan gave the idea credit to Lecia.

Lecia gave the idea credit to Meagan.

Either way, the idea took root and pie became a character in their adventure.

It would be a shame to waste all this pie eating, so, as part of our crowdsourcing campaign, we are offering to ship, to your doorstep, one whole pie from the diner or bakery that we deem the very best pie in the Big Horn Basin of Wyoming. This will most likely be in the apple, cherry, blueberry or pecan family, as those are fairly easy to ship, but if we come across a local specialty that can be boxed up, you could be in for an even bigger treat.

Click here to order your pie!

(And be sure to let us know if you have any food allergies or preferences, since we want you to be as happy with your pie as we were!)

P.S. you should know that Lecia considers herself a better than average pie maker and is extremely picky about crusts and filling. If, by some crazy twist of fate, it turns out that no one in Wyoming can make a great pie, she promises to bake her wicked good pecan pie for you. There will be no ‘it’ll do’ pies sent out!

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